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Load and unload device drivers

AKA: SeLoadDriverPrivilege, Load and unload device drivers

Default assignment: Administrators

This highly sensitive right allows you to load executable code into kernel mode where device drivers run. Code running in kernel mode is fully trusted and not subject to normal Windows security restrictions. This right would allow malicious code to be installed into the systems Trusted Computing Base. For XP and Windows Server 2003 documentation is conflicting on whether this right is required to install drivers for plug and play devices. XP says it is required for PnP; 2003 says it does not apply to PnP. MS KB 219435 indicates you do not need this right as long as the PnP device “is supported hardware with a Plug and Play device ID to driver match.”

You may be able to install device drivers if you have this right but unless you are an administrator the change will not be persistent; you will have to reinstall the driver each time you connect the device.

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