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Back up files and directories

Note: This is an admin-equivalent right.

AKA: SeBackupPrivilege, Back up files and directories

Default assignment: Administrators and Backup Operators This right allows you access any persistent object (file, folder, registry key, et al) on the computer using the Win32 backup APIs. This is equivalent, from a security perspective, to giving the user the Read permission group to all objects on the entire system. Typically only backup application/service accounts need this right. There are occasional non-backup operations that an administrator might perform that would require this right. If you are directly running NTBackup under your account you will need this right. 

Arne Vidstrom shows how you can use this right to make copies of objects to which you have no permissions. Click here.

The opposite of this right is the Restore files and directories right.

By default this right is not audited even if you enable Audit privilege use. See Full Privilege Auditing.

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