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Free Log Consolidation and Search Tool That Really Works!

Tue, 28 Apr 2009 13:11:26 GMT

Prism Microsystems recently announced a free - but real - consolidation and search solution for logs.  And it really works.  It's called EventTracker PULSE and it's based on Prism's flagship log management solution - EventTracker - which frequently sponsors my webinars.

PULSE is free, will collect pretty much any kind of log including Windows security logs, text file logs and syslog events.  PULSE consolidates all of those events into an efficient repository that allows you to search logs as well as efficiently store logs for long term archival.

PULSE uses EventTracker's agent optional architecture and I was surprised to see that Prism included EventTracker functionality for automatically deploying and managing agents.

The search feature is modeled after Google and very easy to use.  PULSE doesn't have a number of EventTrackers enterprise features such as reporting, web-based management, alerting, correlation, etc but if you need solid log collection, archival and ad hoc seach capability - check out PULSE at by clicking here.   

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