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Windows and Security in the same sentence?

Thu, 27 Apr 2006 18:04:39 GMT

Windows is the largest and most widely used operating system in the world.

Security is arguably the most demanding discipline within the field of IT.

Combine Windows and Security and for some you have an oxymoron. Regardless how you feel about Windows, if you use it you have to secure it. So while it may be fashionable to arbitrarily bash Microsoft on all things security related, I don’t believe it serves my clients’ or readers’ best interest.

In this blog as with the rest of my work I will continue to bring you an informed, independent take on Microsoft security issues focused on practical solutions. I think practical solutions are important.

Many in the security field seem to share the sentiments of a mainframe security office from my past who said, "If you can do your job, I’m not doing mine." Another common habit is what I call security cynicism. You can find a hole or vulnerability in every control and security technology if you look hard enough. And there’s a place in the world for the Bruce Schniers to do that. Without that complacency and stagnation would insue.

However, most of us can’t live in the theoretical world. We live in the applied world and have to apply technology and controls to limit risk. After all, our employers aren’t in business to be secure. There in business to do business.

I welcome your comments.

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