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Detecting Pass-the-Hash with Honeypots

Thu, 09 Aug 2018 00:54:42 GMT

Jeff Warren of StealthBits and I were talking about this really cool idea he had a while back About detecting pass the hash attacks with a special kind of honey pot. Jeff is doing a webinar on this on Thursday August 9,  2018 and here’s more information about it and the links.

Pass-the-hash and pass-the-ticket attacks can be some of the most effective techniques for attackers to use to move laterally throughout your organization, and also the most difficult to detect. Most detections rely on differentiating between what is normal behavior for a user and what is abnormal. While this can be effective, it is also time consuming and results in lots of false positives. In this webinar, Jeff will explore how to use modern honeypot techniques to lay traps for attackers and emphatically detect the use of the pass-the-hash technique within your organization.

If you are unable to join the live webinar, register to receive a video recording after the event.

Use the links below to register for this very technical webinar:

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