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Non Security: CRM Dynamics Add-Ons I Can't Live Without

Thu, 05 Jan 2012 07:13:03 GMT

Dynamics CRM 2011 keeps us sane here at Monterey Technology Group, Inc as we manage a wide array of product and service offerings with a handful of people.  But CRM is missing some key features that seem like no brainers.  Thankfully I've found solutions to each (been using them since CRM 4.0) and thought I'd share them. 

1. No way to print a quote to PDF and email it from within CRM in one step - crazy I know!  Solution: ePDF from  Incredibly easy to install!  Great support!

2. Moving invoices from CRM to QuickBooks.  OK this isn't a missing feature but definitely a needed integration link.  Solution: Inogics Inolink  Involved install process and you will probably need support but they are responsive and it does work.

3. Converting incoming emails to CRM Queues to Cases - crazy I know!  For this I use c360's EmailToCase.  Least favorite solution and company out of the 3 but it gets the job done and their support staff do respond.

I think all of these support CRM Online in addition to on-premise.

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