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Come to my session at HP Protect: Setting Traps for Malicious Outsiders and APTs on Your Network

Thu, 22 Aug 2013 13:28:35 GMT

 Are you registered for HP Protect 2013?  Can you come?  I hope to see you there
  • at my LOGbinder booth
  • and at my breakout session #1488 – “Setting traps for malicious outsiders and APTs on your network”

HP Protect is next month September 16-19 in Washington, D.C.  It’s a great event for infosec professionals tasked with monitoring networks and detecting intrusions. 

Here’s more information on my session:

Think outside the box with well-known security log expert Randy Franklin Smith as he argues that we’ve been going about catching bad guys the wrong way. Trying to detect malicious activity by defining what makes it an anomaly is difficult. So turn the concept on its head and make malicious activity stand out as intentional and not a one-time event. In this session, instead of looking for hints of malicious activity and weeding through false positives, Randy will show you how to set up traps throughout your network and applications that automatically distinguish between normal insider activity and malicious outsiders or APTs – even if the attacker is running under the credentials of a legitimate user. The principles are applicable to any technology, but Randy will specifically demonstrate laying traps in Windows, SQL Server, and SharePoint. You will also learn how to deal with the end-user awareness and admin pushback challenges that may arise when implementing traps

What is HP Protect?

It is HP’s annual security user conference. It began as an ArcSight conference and, after HP acquired ArcSight, evolved into a comprehensive, pan-HP security conference that delivers technical content, product roadmaps, demos, instruction, and services to users of HP, HP ArcSight, HP Atalla, HP Fortify, and HP TippingPoint software.

Why attend?

Meet Randy Franklin Smith!

Ha! Seriously, why attend?

How about 100 hours of content; 16 hours with HP experts; 2 hours of keynotes; 8 hours of networking. Nearly 150 technical sessions – 100+ hours of content. 8 hours of networking with 1,000+ security professionals. 16+ hours of one-on-one access to HP security experts. 5 post-conference training courses. Earn up to 15 CPE credits to keep your CISSP credentials current. Learn about updates to the entire HP enterprise security portfolio. Explore new technology, emerging trends, and ways of extending your investments with HP and your peers

Any other reasons?

Conference party: Rock out to "Hey, Soul Sister".  Are you a fan of the band Train? Enjoy their Grammy-winning hits at a private concert celebrating HP Protect. Lead singer Pat Monahan, and guitarist Jimmy Stafford—accompanied by a guest drummer—will perform a lineup of Train’s pop-rock music for your entertainment.

What about the content?

                Here’s the full session catalog.

I hope to see you there!

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