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Does Microsoft care about the Security log?

Fri, 01 Oct 2010 12:40:08 GMT

Sometimes I wonder and today I wonder even more.

I've been a Microsoft MVP for years and I just got the email you see below.  Of course they don't really explain. 

Last year I did everything I have in the past and more - yet they say the MVP Desktop Experience group is ever more competitive.  When I pointed out I'm actually in the Enterprise Security group, he said "sorry, that one is too".  Are you aware of a lot of other techies specializing in the Windows security log to make it more competitive? 

Do you think I should be kinder in my remarks about Microsoft.  Is it a matter of hurt feelings or something?

Anyway, bummer for me and you my community because the MVP benefits helped me get access to information I need to help you understand the Windows Security Log and other Microsoft security technologies.

If you like, visit and lend me a helping hand.


From: --------------------------
Sent: Friday, October 01, 2010 9:56 AM
To: Randy Franklin Smith
Subject: [MVP Communication] October 2010 MVP Award decision


Dear Randy,

Thank you for your participation in the Microsoft MVP Award Program for the year of 2009. As your MVP Lead, I have enjoyed working with you and appreciate your contributions to the Enterprise Security community, our product team, and our customers.   

The MVP Award is presented to individuals for their past year’s contributions to online and offline communities, which stand out from others in the communities that focus on Microsoft technologies. Your contributions were diligently evaluated over the past year against the contributions of others in the Enterprise Security community.  As a result of this evaluation, you were not awarded as a Microsoft MVP for the October 2010 award cycle.

While we are unable to award you MVP status at this point in time, I hope to keep in touch with you for future MVP award consideration. Microsoft currently awards on a quarterly cycle and you are eligible to be nominated for the Microsoft MVP award again in the future.

We greatly value your past accomplishments, contributions, and support. The MVP program would be happy to reconsider you as an MVP candidate in the future and we hope to see you again. Please always consider me a contact at Microsoft.


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