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Be the first to take Audit and Assessment of Active Directory – On Demand Interactive and take it no charge

Tue, 11 Jan 2011 14:14:16 GMT

I am excited to announce that my first On Demand, Interactive course – Audit and Assessment of Active Directory – is now finished and ready for the first trainees.  And you have an opportunity to get this training for free if you agree to keep record of how many hours it takes you to complete the course.


To volunteer fill out this 9 question survey here


This is the on demand, interactive version of the course I’ve used to help IT auditors learn how to audit AD since AD first came out in 2000.  Of course I’ve updated the course many times to keep up with AD over the years.  For more information on Audit and Assessment of Active Directory visit:


My On Demand, Interactive (OI) courses are much more than a mind numbing web based training course.  They are the very next best thing to in-person training in the same room. 

·        Best of Both Worlds - Randy's On-Demand Interactive courses provide the same content as the in-person course without the hassle and expense of travel.

·        No Passive DVD Viewing Experience - More than a long, passive DVD viewing experience, On-Demand Interactive are highly interactive training courses designed to closely duplicate the live, instructor-led learning experience.

·        Same as Live Training

-       Get the same printed courseware

-       Watch Randy teach the same material

-       Perform the same hands-on exercises.

-       If you get stuck, watch Randy perform the exercise.

-       Got a question? Ask Randy via the Q&A forum.


For more information on my On Demand Interactive courses visit:


There’s one more step in the course development process before I open AAAD-OI for general availability.  I need  a few of you to take the course for free and keep track of your hours.  Then I will average those hours and to come up with the number of continuing professional education hours the course provides.  This is required in order for the course to qualify as CPE credits for your various certifications. 


If you volunteer and are subsequently chosen to take the course and record your time spent in training we won’t charge you.  That’s right you’ll get the training for free.  If you volunteer but aren’t chosen there is no obligation but I’ll send you a discount coupon code as our way of saying thanks for making yourself available.


To volunteer fill out this 9 question survey here


Remember, there’s no obligation with filling out the survey except to take the course for free if chosen.  If you aren’t chosen we will still send you a discount coupon code as our thanks.  Please volunteer now for your chance to get this high quality training for free.  Visit

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