Available in New to:
2012 2016

This group tracks creation, changes and deletions of database objects including certificates, database master keys, database encryption keys, symmetric and asymmetric keys, assemblies and schemas.

If you enable this group in a database audit specification, it will track changes to database objects within that database only. If you enable this group in a server audit specification, it will track changes to database objects in all databases within that SQL Server instance.

LOGbinder for SQL Server events generated under this Audit Action Group:

Event ID Description
24088 Issued a create certificate command
24089 Issued a change certificate command
24090 Issued a delete certificate command
24091 Issued a back up certificate command
24092 Issued an access certificate command
24093 Issued a create asymmetric key command
24094 Issued a change asymmetric key command
24095 Issued a delete asymmetric key command
24096 Issued an access asymmetric key command
24097 Issued a create database master key command
24098 Issued a change database master key command
24099 Issued a delete database master key command
24100 Issued a back up database master key command
24101 Issued a restore database master key command
24102 Issued an open database master key command
24103 Issued a create database symmetric key command
24104 Issued a change database symmetric key command
24105 Issued a delete database symmetric key command
24106 Issued a back up database symmetric key command
24107 Issued an open database symmetric key command
24108 Issued a create database object command
24109 Issued a change database object command
24110 Issued a delete database object command
24111 Issued an access database object command
24112 Issued a create assembly command
24113 Issued a change assembly command
24114 Issued a delete assembly command
24115 Issued a create schema command
24116 Issued a change schema command
24117 Issued a delete schema command
24118 Issued a create database encryption key command
24119 Issued a change database encryption key command
24120 Issued a delete database encryption key command
24317 Issued a create column master key command *
24318 Issued a delete column master key command *
24319 A column master key was viewed *
24320 Issued a create column encryption key command *
24321 Issued a change column encryption key command *
24322 Issued a delete column encryption key command *
24323 A column encryption key was viewed *
24324 Issued a create database credential command *
24325 Issued a change database credential command *
24326 Issued a delete database credential command *
24327 Issued a change database scoped configuration command *
24328 Issued a create external data source command *
24329 Issued a change external data source command *
24330 Issued a delete external data source command *
24331 Issued a create external file format command *
24332 Issued a delete external file format command *


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