SharePoint Audit Policy: Update

This audit flag corresponds to the "Editing items" check box on the "Site collection audit settings" page in Site Collection Administration.

This flag generates events when objects are updated. This flag is dependable when it comes to list item and document updates for which events are logged more or less as expected. (Sometimes updates to list items cause SharePoint to generate a document update event instead of list item update.)

We have not been able to determine under what circumstances list and document library updates are generated. We have seen the events but cannot determine what causes them and we have noted numerous changes made to list and library settings that generate no update event. Note that native SharePoint audit reports for library update events show the item type as list - not library; LOGbinder for SharePoint corrects this.

No events for updates to site collection or site (aka "web") objects seem to be generated.

Audit Flag

Event ID by LOGbinder for SharePoint


40 - Site collection updated

41 - Web updated

42 - Document library updated

43 - Document updated

44 - List updated

45 - List item updated

46 - Folder updated


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