SharePoint Audit Log Event ID 43

SourceSharePoint (LOGbinder SP)
Audit FlagUpdate
Windows Security Log
 • Subcategory
Object Access
 • Application Generated
Type Success

43: Document updated

This is an event from SharePoint audit event from LOGbinder SP generated by Audit Flag  Update.

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This event is generated when a property of an document is updated

Sometimes updates to list items cause SharePoint generate a document update event instead of list item update

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Description Fields in 43

  • Occurred: this is the date and time when SharePoint recorded the event to the internal SharePoint audit log and may be earlier than the date/time in the header of this event which reflects when LOGbinder SP wrote the event to Windows event log
  • Site: This is the URL of the site generating this event
  • User: name of the user who performed the action
  • Object
    • URL: URL of the object targeted by this operation
    • Title: title of the object targeted by this operation
    • Version: version of the object if version control enabled for the object's parent list or library

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Examples of 43

Document updated
Occurred: 11/22/2011 1:23:43 AM
Site: http://sp2010-sp
User: System Account
  URL: Shared Documents/Security_settings_2011-11-22T012342.xlsx
  Title: n/a
  Version: n/a

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