Windows Security Log Event ID 665

Operating Systems Windows Server 2000
Windows 2003 and XP
CategoryAccount Management
Type Success
Corresponding events
in Windows 2008
and Vista

665: Security Disabled Universal Group Member Added

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Member added to distribution universal group. "Caller user" removed "member name" from the "target" group. Member may be a user, computer or another group.


AD has 2 types of groups: Security and Distribution. Distribution (security disabled) groups are for distribution lists in Exchange and cannot be assigned permissions or rights. Security (security enabled) groups can be used for permissions, rights and as distribution lists.


AD has 3 scopes of groups: Local, Global, Universal. See knowledge base article 326265.

This event is logged only on Domain Controllers.

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Description Fields in 665

  •  Member Name: %1
  •  Member ID: %2
  •  Target Account Name: %3
  •  Target Domain: %4
  •  Target Account ID: %5
  •  Caller User Name: %6
  •  Caller Domain: %7
  •  Caller Logon ID: %8
  •  Privileges: %9

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Examples of 665

Security Disabled Universal Group Member Added:
Member Name:cn=alice,DC=elmw2,DC=local
Member ID:ELMW2\alicej
Target Account Name:AccountingStaff
Target Domain:ELMW2
Target Account ID:ELMW2\AccountingStaff
Caller User Name:Administrator
Caller Domain:ELMW2
Caller Logon ID:(0x0,0x1469C1)

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