Building a Security Dashboard for Your Senior Executives

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Especially in today’s uncertain environment, bosses need to know you are pulling your weight and they need reassurance that the business is secure.  Bosses have short attention spans, like numbers and their eyes glaze over if you give them anything longer than one page or screen of information.
How do you keep them up-to-date on the security posture of your network without overloading them with information?  The answer is a security dashboard of key security indicators based on data from your security logs.
In this webinar I will show you the top security indicators that belong on the security dashboard for your senior executives.  These include:
  • High Impact Security Configuration Changes
  • Access Expansions
  • Access Reduction
  • Audit Trail Integrity Events
  • Authentication Failure to Success Ratio
  • Suspicious Activity
These are real world data based on actual event IDs from the Windows security log.  I’ll show you how to compute them and explain their significance.  I’ll use Prism Microsystem’s EventTracker 7.0 (this webinar’s sponsor) to implement this dashboard so that you can see these indicators working with actual data.
We will also discuss how to “right size” an executive security dashboard, how to ensure you objectives are met and even how a dashboard might help you justify and get the support of executives for needed security improvements or investments.
Join me for this real training for free session and learn how to roll up nitty-gritty, techie security events into key security indicators that your boss needs to know and will appreciate being able to access on demand while at the same time showing him you are on top of security and minding the store.


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