Monitoring Active Directory for Security and Compliance: How Far Does the Native Audit Log Take You?

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Active Directory (AD) is the cornerstone of security and control in today’s corporate network but is the Windows Security Log up to the task of fulfilling today’s security and compliance requirements?

In my next Real Training for Free (TM) webinar I will demonstrate the native audit features of Active Directory provided through the Windows security log and identify the limitations inherent in this native functionality.

Windows Server provides audit capability for Active Directory through 2 categories of events in the Windows security log:

1.       Directory Service Access – provides low level auditability of every object and attribute in Active Directory

2.       Account Management - provides higher level auditing of key operations performed against users, groups and computers

Nevertheless, significant gaps and limitations remain that compromise an organization’s ability to fulfill security and regulatory requirements for monitoring and auditing Active Directory.  In this webinar I will discuss:

·         Audit Events Scattered Across Domain Controllers

·         No Reporting or Analysis

·         Volume of Audit Data

·         Performance Risks

·         Missing or Limited Information

·         Lack of Real-time Monitoring and Alerting

·         No Protection from Privileged Administrators

The ISV market has responded to this need with solutions that rely on agents installed on domain controllers to monitor AD changes in real time.  I'll discuss how these solutions work and compare to the native audit log and then Quest will briefly demonstrate ChangeAuditor for Active Directory which does a great job of bridging these gaps. 

Don’t miss this Real Training for Free (TM).

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