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06-14-2017   Download Supercharger Free Edition for Easy Management of Windows Event Collection


02-23-2015   NEW Free & Easy to Use Tool, Event Log Forwarder for Windows

01-29-2015   Randy's Review of a Fast, Easy and Affordable SIEM and Log Management


01-02-2014   Auditing File Shares with the Windows Security Log


11-19-2013   Pay Attention to System Security Access Events

10-15-2013   Using Dynamic Audit Policy to Detect Unauthorized File Access
10-14-2013   New Technical Brief by Randy Franklin Smith
10-02-2013   Audit Myth Busters: SharePoint, SQL Server, Exchange


11-16-2012   Whitepaper: Comparing Exchange Server's™ 3 Audit Logs for Security and SIEM Integration

06-29-2012   SolarWinds Log & Event Manager Includes My Favorite Feature in a SIEM…
06-07-2012   New Security Log and Audit Functionality in Windows Server 2012

05-01-2012   LOGbinder SQL Released!

03-19-2012   Always Enable Auditing - Even for Logs and Systems You Don’t Actively Review

02-16-2012   Why Workstation Security Logs Are So Important

01-17-2012   Understanding the Difference between “Account Logon” and “Logon/Logoff” Events in the Windows Security Log


10-19-2011   Security Logging as a Detective/Deterrent Control Against Rogue Admins

08-21-2011   The Art of Detecting Malicious Activity with Logs

07-08-2011   Eliminate Windows Firewall Chatter (Noise) from the Security Log

06-24-2011   Say What? Deleting old logs isn’t the responsibility of the SIEM?!??

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