Windows Security Log Event ID 602

Operating Systems Windows 2003 and XP
CategoryProcess Tracking
Type Success
Corresponding events
in Windows 2008
and Vista
4698 , 4699 , 4700 , 4701 , 4702  

602: Scheduled Task created

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This event actually gets logged for both scheduled task creations as well as changes to exisiting tasks. This event does not get logged when a task is deleted.

If you enable Object Auditing for successes, you will also see file level access events corresponding the *.job file in %SystemRoot%\Tasks\ including delete events. See events 560, 564, 567, and 562

File name identifies the *.job file where the task definition is stored. Command documents the operating system command that will be executed when the task starts. Triggers specifies how often or what event will trigger the task to start. Time specifies the next time the task will run. Target User is the account the task will run under. By User and Domain identify the user who created or modified the task. Logon ID enables you to connect this event back with the user's initial logon. See event 528 and 540.

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Description Fields in 602

  • File Name: (file name and location of task)
  • Command: (command that the task runs)
  • Triggers: (times when the task will run)
  • Time: (time this task will run next)
  • Flags:
  • Target User:(User that the task runs under)
  • User:  (User that created or modified the task)
  • Domain:
  • Logon ID: (correlates with logon of user that created or modified task)

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Examples of 602

Scheduled Task created:
File Name:C:\WINDOWS\Tasks\Backup.job
Triggers:At 9:46 AM every Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri of every week, starting 8/8/2004.
Time:8/9/2004 9:46:00 AM
Target User:ELM\administrator
Logon ID:(0x0,0x158EB7)

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