Windows Security Log Event ID 4781

Operating Systems Windows 2008 R2 and 7
Windows 2012 R2 and 8.1
Windows 2016 and 10
Windows Server 2019 and 2022
 • Subcategory
Account Management
 • User Account Management
Type Success
Corresponding events
in Windows 2003
and before

4781: The name of an account was changed

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The user identified by Subject: changed either the normal logon name or the pre-Win2k logon name of the user identified by Target Account:.  Event 4738 actually provides better information on this change.

This event is logged both for local SAM accounts and domain accounts.

You will also see event ID 4738 informing you of the same information.

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Description Fields in 4781


The user and logon session that performed the action. 

  • Security ID:  The SID of the account.
  • Account Name: The account logon name.
  • Account Domain: The domain or - in the case of local accounts - computer name.
  • Logon ID is a semi-unique (unique between reboots) number that identifies the logon session.  Logon ID allows you to correlate backwards to the logon event (4624) as well as with other events logged during the same logon session.

Target Account: 

  • Security ID:  SID of the account
  • Account Name:  name of the account
  • Account Domain: domain of the account
  • Old Account Name: old logon name
  • New Account Name: new logon name

Additional Information:

  • Privileges:  - unkown.  Start a discussion if you have information on this field!

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Examples of 4781

The name of an account was changed:


   Security ID:  ACME\Administrator
   Account Name:  Administrator
   Account Domain:  ACME
   Logon ID:  0x1f40f

Target Account:

   Security ID:  ACME\emp-nbonaparte
   Account Domain:  ACME
   Old Account Name: nbonaparte
   New Account Name: emp-nbonaparte

Additional Information:

   Privileges:  -

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