Windows Security Log Event ID 684

Operating Systems Windows 2003 and XP
CategoryAccount Management
Type Success
Corresponding events
in Windows 2008
and Vista

684: Set ACLs of members in administrators groups

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According to MS documentation: "Every 60 minutes on a domain controller a background thread searches all members of administrative groups (such as domain, enterprise, and schema administrators) and applies a fixed security descriptor on them. This event is logged."

I have confirmed this event to exist but it is unclear under exactly what circumstances it is logged.

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Description Fields in 684

  •  Target Account Name: %1
  •  Target Domain:  %2
  •  Target Account ID: %3
  •  Caller User Name: %4
  •  Caller Domain: %5
  •  Caller Logon ID: %6
  •  Privileges: %7

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Examples of 684

Set ACLs of members in administrators groups:
Target Account Name:jjackson
Target Domain:DC=elm,DC=local
Target Account ID:ELM\jjackson
Caller User Name:W3DC$
Caller Domain:ELM
Caller Logon ID:(0x0,0x3E7)

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