Windows Security Log Event ID 670

Operating Systems Windows Server 2000
Windows 2003 and XP
CategoryAccount Management
Type Success
Corresponding events
in Windows 2008
and Vista

670: Add SID History

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This event is not confirmed.

In theory this audits the DsAddSidHistory function. Doing so allows the SID to be used in a different forest.

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Description Fields in 670

  •  Source Account Name: %1
  •  Target Account Name: %2
  •  Target Domain: %3
  •  Target Account ID: %4
  •  Caller User Name: %5
  •  Caller Domain: %6
  •  Caller Logon ID: %7
  •  Privileges: %8

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Examples of 670

Add SID History
Source Account Name: %1
Target Account Name: %2
Target Domain: %3
Target Account ID: %4
Caller User Name: %5
Caller Domain: %6
Caller Logon ID: %7
Privileges: %8

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