Windows Security Log Event ID 4881

Operating Systems Windows 2008 R2 and 7
Windows 2012 R2 and 8.1
Windows 2016 and 10
Windows Server 2019 and 2022
 • Subcategory
Object Access
 • Certification Services
Type Success
Corresponding events
in Windows 2003
and before

4881: Certificate Services stopped

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This event is logged each time the Active Directory Certificate Services service is stopped.

This event event is only logged if "Start and stop Active Directory Certificate Services" is enabled on the Audit tab of the CA's properties in Certificate Services MMC snap-in and of course if the Certificate Services audit subcategory is enabled with auditpol.

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Examples of 4881

Certificate Services stopped. 

Certificate Database Hash: 21 86 63 d5 ae 80 b9 79 13 2c 0c d3 fd 19 e8 87 ab a1 41 b9
Private Key Usage Count: 0
CA Certificate Hash: 5b 52 68 24 b1 06 0d 7e 62 49 41 f6 da b2 ef d5 2d 34 59 cb
CA Public Key Hash: d1 83 30 f5 88 34 c6 76 c6 33 99 cb 30 f0 bc 96 a1 ae d9 4e

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