Exchange Admin Audit Log Event ID 25216

SourceExchange (LOGbinder EX)
LogAdmin Audit
Windows Security Log
 • Subcategory
Object Access
 • Application Generated
Type Success

25216: New-MailMessage Exchange cmdlet issued

This is an event from Exchange audit event from LOGbinder EX generated by Log  Admin Audit.

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Description Fields in 25216

OccurredDate and time when Exchange registered the cmdlet.
CmdletThe cmdlet that was issued.
Performed byThe user who issued the cmdlet.
Succeeded"Yes", if succeeded, "No", otherwise.
Error"None", if the cmdlet resulted in no error, the error message otherwise.
Originating serverThe host name of the server.
Object modifiedThe object that was modified by the cmdlet.
ParametersThe list of parameters, listing them by the parameter's Name and Value.
Modified propertiesModified properties, if any (otherwise "n/a").
Additional informationAdditional information, if any (otherwise "n/a").

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Examples of 25216

New-MailMessage Exchange cmdlet issued
Occurred: 12/23/2012 3:28:51 PM
Cmdlet: New-MailMessage
Performed by: Taylor
Succeeded: Yes
Error: None
Originating server: SP2010-EX1 (14.02.0328.009)
Object modified: n/a
  Name: Subject, Value: [Test Email]
Name: Body, Value: [Test Body]
Name: Mailbox, Value: [Bill Smith]
Name: BodyFormat, Value: [Html]
Modified Properties
  Name: Subject, Old Value: [], New Value: [Test Email]
Name: Body, Old Value: [], New Value: [Test Body]
Name: BodyFormat, Old Value: [PlainText], New Value: [Html]
Additional information: CmdletParameters/Parameter/Name= [Subject]; CmdletParameters/Parameter/Value= [Test Email]; CmdletParameters/Parameter/Name= [Body]; CmdletParameters/Parameter/Value= [Test Body]; CmdletParameters/Parameter/Name= [Mailbox]; CmdletParameters/Parameter/Value= [Bill Smith]; CmdletParameters/Parameter/Name= [BodyFormat]; CmdletParameters/Parameter/Value= [Html]; ModifiedProperties/Property/Name= [Subject]; ModifiedProperties/Property/OldValue= []; ModifiedProperties/Property/NewValue= [Test Email]; ModifiedProperties/Property/Name= [Body]; ModifiedProperties/Property/OldValue= []; ModifiedProperties/Property/NewValue= [Test Body]; ModifiedProperties/Property/Name= [BodyFormat]; ModifiedProperties/Property/OldValue= [PlainText]; ModifiedProperties/Property/NewValue= [Html]

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