SQL Server Audit Log Event ID 24287

SourceSQL Server (LOGbinder SQL)
Action GroupDatabase-level_audit_actions
Windows Security Log
 • Subcategory
Object Access
 • Application Generated
Type Success

24287: Issued check references command (action_id RF)

This is an event from SQL Server audit event from LOGbinder SQL generated by Action Group  Database-level_audit_actions.

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A check references permission command was issued on a database

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Description Fields in 24287

OccurredWhen event was reported by SQL Server
Authorization resultIf the command passed authorization checks
Session IDID of the session on which the event occurred
DatabaseDatabase affected by the event
Target object
 IDTarget object ID
 NameTarget object name
 TypeTarget object type
Is column permissionFlag indicating a column level permission
Permission bitmaskWhen applicable, shows the permissions that were granted, denied, or revoked
SchemaSchema context in which the action occurred
StatementTransact-SQL statement

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