SQL Server Audit Log Event ID 24001

SourceSQL Server (LOGbinder SQL)
Windows Security Log
 • Subcategory
Object Access
 • Application Generated
Type Success

24001: Login succeeded (action_id LGIS)

This is an event from SQL Server audit event from LOGbinder SQL generated by Action Group  SUCCESSFUL_LOGIN_GROUP.

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A principal successfully logged in to SQL server

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Description Fields in 24001

Field Description
Occurred When event was reported by SQL Server
Session ID ID of the session on which the event occurred
Target object  
  ID Target object ID
  Name Target object name
  Type Target object type
Set options  
Additional information Any additional information about the event, stored as XML.

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Examples of 24001

Login succeeded
A principal successfully logged in to SQL server
Occurred: 6/27/2012 3:50:09.0000000 PM
User: SP2010\sharepoint
Session ID: 57
Target Object
  ID: 263
  Name: SP2010\sharepoint
  Type: Login
Set options: -- network protocol: TCP/IP; set quoted_identifier on; set arithabort off; set numeric_roundabort off; set ansi_warnings on; set ansi_padding on; set ansi_nulls on; set concat_null_yields_null on; set cursor_close_on_commit off; set implicit_transactions off; set language us_english; set dateformat mdy; set datefirst 7; set transaction isolation level read committed
Additional information: <action_info xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/sqlserver/2008/sqlaudit_data"><pooled_connection>1</pooled_connection><client_options>0x28000020</client_options><client_options1>0x0001f438</client_options1><connect_options>0x00000000</connect_options><packet_data_size>4096</packet_data_size><address></address><is_dac>0</is_dac></action_info>
Server: DEV3

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