SharePoint Audit Log Event ID 60

SourceSharePoint (LOGbinder SP)
Audit FlagCustom
Windows Security Log
 • Subcategory
Object Access
 • Application Generated
Type Success

60: Possible tampering warning

This is an event from SharePoint audit event from LOGbinder SP generated by Audit Flag  Custom.

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This event is generated when LOGbinder SP suspect possible tampering. For example:

  • When processing event ID 11 “Site collection audit policy changed” or event ID 12 “Audit policy changed,” LOGbinder SP will determine if the change overrides the settings in LOGbinder. If so, LOGbinder will reset the audit policy and generate a tamper this warning event.
  • When processing event ID 20 “SharePoint audit logs deleted,” LOGbinder SP will determine whether LOGbinder deleted the logs. If LOGbinder SP did not performed the purge, this tamper warning event will be generated.

This new event is not generated by SharePoint; it is an event that LOGbinder SP detects and reports. It is generated by LOGbinder whether the Security audit flag is enabled or not.

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Description Fields in 60

  • There may have been potential tampering of: This is the target that may have been tampered
  • Details: Details of the suspected tamper

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Examples of 60

Possible tampering warning
There may have been potential tampering of %1
Details: %2
It could indicate tampering, which could affect the integrity of the audit.

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