March, 2015: Patch Monday: Browsers, browsers and more browsers

Welcome to the March Patch Monday bulletin. Let’s start this month off with the patch for Adobe Flash since it is a critical: Priority 1 patch for a very popular target. Adobe did not mention active attacks against their platform but a potential arbitrary code execution vulnerability is remediated with this patch. The remaining 4 patches are for popular browsers including Chrome, Firefox/SeaMonkey, and Safari. Each browser has multiple vulnerabilities that are fixed, and all but Chrome fix arbitrary code execution. The annual Pwn2Own competition was this last week and every major browser was exploited so prepare for more patches to be released. The Mozilla update already fixes 2 vulnerabilities exploited at Pwn2Own. This month may be a good time to examine what type of software is in your environment. A software inventory is critical to a patch management program especially when there are 3 popular browsers with patches available and potentially more to come. Knowing what is installed and where it is installed can help prioritize your efforts.

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So, without further ado, here’s the chart of non-MS patches that affect Windows platforms in the past month. 

Patch data provided by:



Product Version Affected

Date Released by Vendor

Vulnerability Info

Severity / Our Recommendation


Adobe Flash

Win/MAC before

and earlier


and earlier


Arbitrary Code Execution

Critical: Priority 1/ Upgrade within 72 hours


Google Chrome

Win/Mac/Linux before



Denial of Service, Security Bypass, Information Disclosure

Update at admin's discretion

36.0.4/ESR 31.5.3

Mozilla Firefox


36.0.4/ESR 31.5.3


Arbitrary Code Execution, Privilege Escalation

Update as soon as possible


Mozilla SeaMonkey Before 2.33.1 3/20/2015 Arbitrary Code Execution, Privilege Escalation Update as soon as possible


Apple Safari Before 8.0.4/7.1.4/6.2.4 3/17/2015 Arbitrary Code Execution, Denial of Service Update as soon as possible

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