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Interactive logon: Message text for users attempting to log on

This setting allows you to display a custom message to users when after they press CTRL-ALT-DEL and before displaying the logon dialog for entry of their credentials. This setting is typically used to warn users they are logging on to a secure, private network and inform them they will be monitored, etc. Check with your legal counsel and information security policy for appropriate content for this message. 

Note: enabling this setting without also enabling “Interactive logon: Message title for users attempting to log on” will fail to display this message. Both settings must be configured.

Note: Like all “Interactive logon:” policies, this policy is a workstation level policy. This policy needs to be defined in a GPO that gets applied to workstations such as Default Domain Policy. If you only configure this policy on the domain controllers, such as with Default Domain Controllers Policy, you will only impact users logging on at the console of the domain controller. You should also configure this policy on Terminal Servers accessible to end-users. 

Note: if you intend for this message to display on Windows 2000 computers do not configure this setting from XP or later computers. Open this group policy object on Windows 2000 computer and configure it from there. Messages configured on XP and later systems will not display on Windows 2000 computers. If you inadvertently configure this setting on XP on later and discover it doesn’t display properly on Windows 2000, undefined the setting, redefine it from a Windows 2000 system.

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