Integrating Unix/Linux Identity and Authentication into Active Directory

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Unix and Linux support Kerberos; so does Active Directory.  Why not integrate the 2 and get single sign on?  In this webinar I'll look at what's involved in doing just that.

When integrating identity and authentication there are several options to consider and a number of important issues arise.  For instance do you simply want to eliminate Unix account passwords and achieve a single point of control when it comes to disabling a terminated employee's access?  If so, you can take the simplest route by implementing a Kerberos PAM (pluggable authentication module) and setting up related entries in Active Directory for the Unix computers involved.

But you can go further.  In the above scenario you still must provision each user with an account on each Unix/Linux system.  If in addition to Kerberos authentication, you integrate NSS (Named Server Switch) with Active Directory completely centralize not just authentication but also identity and the Active Directory user accounts becomes the one and only account for a given user.

In this webinar I will compare and contrast your options in this area and deal with issues such as when it's necessary to support multiple flavors/distributions/versions of Unix and Linux.  I'll focus on what pieces are involved in "rolling your own" and what challenges and caveats to expect.

After my training presentation, Quest Software will briefly introduce you to their Authentication Services solution which directly maps to our topic.  Then I'll take your questions.

This is real training for free (tm), don't miss it.

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