Addressing the 8 Worst Areas for Risk and Cost in Active Directory Identity Management

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Each year I look at many Active Directory environments and 8 areas stand out for high risk and cost.  In this real-training for free (tm) webinar I will discuss:

  1. Updates to personal or emergency information
  2. Setting up new accounts and related entitlements
  3. Access requests
  4. Deprovisioning
  5. Updating organizational data
  6. Reviewing access after job changes
  7. Proving compliance controls
  8. Getting rid of outdated, unused junk

Each one of these areas costs companies real money and present real risk.  I will explain why and share tips for reducing those costs and risks using the native functionality of Windows and Active Directory and some scripting. 

For example I'll demonstrate how to empower end-users to update their own mobile phone numbers in Active Directory.  That's a $15 savings or more depending on the cost of help desk tickets at your organization.

I will take you as far as native functions, features and utitilities can go.  Then Robert Bobel from Quest will take you further with a 10-minute demonstration of how ActiveRoles Server from Quest addresses these same 8 areas but don't worry this IS real-training for free (tm)  and this webinar will help you save money and reduce risk.

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