AD Password Security Deep Dive: NTLM, Kerberos, Hashing and Beyond

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Active Directory remains the foundation of security, especially authentication, on most networks today and that's true even with the advent of cloud. AD is home to the master account record for your user accounts and passwords are still the first and often only authentication factor. And while MFA is critical to security, it's not a panacea. MFA doesn't eliminate exposure to password vulnerabilities and MFA itself can be defeated. Moreover, attackers continually improve their methods for compromising user accounts protected by passwords. So, it pays to understand how password security works in Windows and Active Directory.

In this real training for free session, we will do a deep dive into how passwords are protected in AD and how AD's 2 main password-based authentication protocols work. We will cover:

  • Password hashing
  • Password synchronization
  • Kerberos
  • NTLM
  • Password auditing in the Windows Security Log
  • AD password policy
  • AD account lockout

We will also discuss AD password attack scenarios such as:

  • Network eavesdropping
  • Hash cracking
  • Pass-the-Hash
  • Golden Ticket
  • Credential stuffing and password spraying

My goal for this session is to provide you with a comprehensive overview of every issue relevant to AD password security. Joining me for this session is Darren Siegel, Product Specialist at Specops Software. Specops is the perfect sponsor for this session because they specialize in AD password security and Darren will show you how Specops leverages password hashes to detect and block reused and breached passwords in your Active Directory.

Please join me for this practical and educational real training for free session.

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