A Closer Look at Hacking Gamification and Hacking eSports Using Kali & Live Hacks of Linux and Windows

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The idea of gamifying hacking has become more popular in recent years as cloud-based platforms have sprouted up, offering those trying to hone their cybersecurity and hacking skills with hands-on scenarios covering the latest exploits and vulnerabilities. The idea of gamifying hacking has led to a surge of interest in those looking to get into the mindset of the hacker and understand the tactics, techniques, and procedures used to achieve malicious access to a wide range of systems and applications.

But just how realistic are these platforms in helping you understand what threat actions are being taken, and what mitigation and remediation actions are appropriate as part of a threat response?

In this Real Training for Free session, Microsoft MVP, Nick Cavalancia takes my seat and will first discuss:

  • Why the success of Cybersecurity Programs depends so much on an intimate understanding of threat actions
  • The value of gamification versus traditional learning models

Next up, we’ll hear from Joe Carson, Chief Security Scientist & Advisory CISO at Delinea who will provide an in-depth primer on hacking gamification and an overview of the leading platforms available online.

Joe will be performing two live walkthroughs using Hack in the Box on Windows and Linux machines. Joe will start off discussing what the platform is, how to get started, then will dive in demoing the hacking of the two machines, including:

  • Port and service enumeration
  • Establishing an initial foothold
  • Living off the land with built-in Kali tools
  • Privilege escalation

As Joe walks through each machine, he will explain what actions are being taken and why, offering ways to mitigate the exploit, along with hacker tips.

This real training for free event will be jam packed with technical detail and real-world application. Register today!

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