Protecting Linux Workloads in the Cloud: A Look into Ways Threat Actors Leverage Linux… and What to do About It

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As organizations move critical parts of operations to the cloud, the use of cloud-based Linux workloads continues to increase. The heavy reliance on Linux, matched with the reduction in visibility and control when moving workloads to the cloud has resulted in threat actors realizing the great potential these internet-facing systems have to become a malicious asset during a cyberattack.

Linux and the applications that run on it are seemingly no less vulnerable than their Windows counterparts; there are plenty of unpatched critical and zero-day vulnerabilities to go around, making Linux as much a target as any other workload in the cloud. In 2021, Linux-based workloads have experienced being the target of coin miners, those seeking access through web shells or trojans, and extortion via ransomware, making it imperative to protect these workloads.

In this real-training-for-free session, Microsoft MVP and cybersecurity expert Nick Cavalancia takes my seat and will take a closer look at specific aspects of the Linux environment threat actors take advantage of, including:

  • Application vulnerabilities
  • Linux misconfigurations
  • Admin privileges
  • Credentials providing lateral movement

Nick will be joined by Colin Bretagne, Senior Product Manager and Patrick Schneider, Senior Solutions Architect from BeyondTrust who will discuss and then show real-world examples of how to ensure that your Linux environments in the cloud are secure through:

  • Linux admin privilege management
  • Change management and ITSM integration
  • Identity-based segmentation
  • Application control with ACA

As your Linux workloads get moved to the cloud, these core workload protection strategies help your security and IT teams achieve compliance, control root access, and prevent and contain breaches that can affect the Unix and Linux systems across your organization.

Please join us for this real training for free Session.

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