Top 10 Tasks to Automate in Active Directory to Save Time, Prove Compliance and Ensure Security

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Compliance, time and security in Active Directory comes down to keeping a clean house. Keep Active Directory clean, organized and consistent and you save a world of problems.

The way to keep things clean and consistent of course is automation. Automating the task saves time right there but more importantly automation ensures consistency and cleanliness and the bigger time savings comes from that. Moreover, automated tasks are tasks executed in a consistent, compliant and secure manner. And making sure key entitlement and identity operations are performed immediately in response to business events ensure your AD-centric environment stays secure on a timely basis.

If “it just happens” you won't need to run around before the auditor comes desperately trying to get AD into shape.

So what should you automate and how? That's what we are going to focus on in this real training for free ™ webinar.

Here are few examples of things that are surprisingly important and valuable. I'll explain why they are important to security and compliance and look at ways to automate:

  • Naming conventions on user logon names
  • Accuracy and standardization of department names and other organizational attributes
  • Entering employee IDs on the AD account

Beyond “simple” points above, provisioning new user accounts is where so many security risks and compliance problems first begin. Provisioning benefits greatly from creating a highly choreographed and automated process.

And here are some key business events that really needs to automatically trigger security changes in AD:

  • Job changes
  • Terminations

Deprovisioning is another area we will explore and possibly surprise you with regard to automation. When user leaves the organization there's actually so much more to do than just disabling their account. What about preserving access to all the information they “own”? And what if they renegotiate and come back a day later?

We will look at other things too like the need for scheduled group membership changes and keeping a user's entitlements in Office 365 up-to-date.

I will show you the PowerShell commands and related utilities available for many of the operations but I think you will also benefit from the brief presentation on ActiveRoles Server by Alexi Vereschaga from Dell Software who is sponsoring this real training for free ™ event. ActiveRoles Server is a very cool automated administration and management solution for Active Directory. You'll see in a few minutes how AD without ARS is like cornflakes without the milk!

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