Understanding Privileged User Compliance Requirements for PCI, HIPAA, SOX and ISO 27001

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If there was ever a necessary evil, compliance is certainly the poster child. You can be extremely secure but completely fail compliance. Compliance requires you to not just implement security best practices but you have to be able to prove you are following them and have been following them. That's actually not a bad thing because if you do compliance right it can actually be an aid in keeping on top of security risks.

Not only that many of us are subject to multiple regulations. But there's good news here too because all compliance regulations basically share the same common requirements. The difference in each regulation is more about the scope, intent of and risks that each regulation is intended to address.

One of the best places to start when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck in terms of compliance effort is privileged user access because that is:

  • Where we all tend to be weak
  • A major area of real world risk from both internal and external threats
  • An area auditors and regulators are well aware of and give a lot of attention

In this webinar I will take you on a tour of PCI, HIPAA, SOX and ISO 27001 and briefly explain their scope and intent but then we will dive into the controls specific to privileged user access in each one. Then I will give you my take on abstracting those requirements into a common set of privileged access best practices.

I'll also give you a list of reports or other documentation you can expect to provide auditors when they come calling. If you can drop a lot of thorough documentation on an auditor before they even request it you’d be surprised how soon you can put them to sleep.

Joseph Grettenberger from Compliance Collaborators, Inc. will be joining me to help explain compliance regulations and the big role that privileged access control plays in compliance. Dell Software is sponsoring this real training for free ™ event and you'll briefly see how Dell's privileged session and account management make it so easy and elegant to protect privileged access and eliminate the associated burden of compliance.

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