Protecting FTP Servers Exposed to the Internet

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File transfers over the Internet are critical to keeping the wheels of commerce turning but it's also a dangerous proposition. In this technical webinar I’ll look at all aspects of running an FTP server on the Internet and how to protect it. Areas we'll look at include:

  1. Firewall rules for FTP
  2. FTP server in the DMZ
  3. Passive vs. Active FTP protocol options
  4. Security monitoring at the network, operating system, file system and FTP application level
  5. Hardening FTP server
  6. Encryption
  7. Patching

We will use IIS's built-in FTP server for demos and examples but everything we discuss is applicable in principle to other FTP servers you might be running like Filezilla, WS_FTP Server, Serv-U, Globalscape's CuteFTP. In fact where we can we’ll offer tips specific to these implementations of FTP.

While FTP is still widely used, it also has lots of liabilities. FTP is hard to secure and hard to manage. Our sponsor Ipswich will show how their Managed File Transfer solutions allow you to support every file transfer scenario and protocol conceivable while satisfying security compliance requirements.

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