Solving Windows 2003 End of Life Security Risks: Migration Strategies and Compensating Controls for Beyond July 14, 2015

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Security patches for Windows 2003 end less than six months from now. This is not a trivial matter. Bad guys already have known exploits they are saving up for exploitation after July 14.

Most of us out there still have Windows 2003 systems running. Many with critical applications. But even if you are fortunate enough to not have any security critical apps or resources on Windows 2003 you still have a compliance gap and major security risk to deal with. That's because the bad guys are happy to start out with compromising any system on your network – even if it has nothing to do with what they are after. From there they follow a lateral kill chain till they reach their intended goal.

So again I repeat my mantra: you have to secure everything.

In this webinar I’m going to show you an array of resources and tools for helping you:

  • assess your exposure to Windows 2003 EOL risks
  • how to discover Windows 2003 systems
  • how to catalog applications and resources on Windows 2003 that need to be moved
  • assess compatibility issues
  • and more

But migration off Windows 2003 by July 14 isn’t possible for everyone and for every system for a variety of reasons and realities. So we need an alternative; we need a compensating control technology. The good news - it exists in the form of application control. After all what’s the risk of staying on Windows 2003? Bad guy code that exploits unpatched vulnerabilities in the OS. So, stop the bad guy code running in the first place. That's application control and I believe we should all be using it whether we are running beyond EOL software or not. With today's application control as a compensating control you can buy time and keep running Windows 2003 beyond EOL while staying compliant and secure.

And that's where our sponsor, CarbonBlack comes in. Chris Strand, Senior Director for Complinace for Carbon Black will join me in briefly showing how the CarbonBlack Security Platform prevents untrusted code from running and protects Windows 2003 from sophisticated attacks.

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