Shellshock 101: What is Bash? How do Shellshock attacks work? Where are you still vulnerable? How to fix?

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Now that we are past the initial frenzy of Shellshock it's time to take a deep dive into Bash, the program that Shellshock exploits, and examine:

  • How do Shellshock attacks work?
  • Where are you currently vulnerable?
  • How to patch against current exploits?
  • Strategize against yet-to-be discovered vulnerabilities?

Bash is the predominant command shell for the Linux and UNIX world. So in Windows' terms Bash is like the command prompt or PowerShell. Your *nix servers are definitely impacted but as you'll see in this webinar other devices are too.

And it's important to understand that even if you and your applications are not directly using Bash or running Bash scripts or commands – it is very likely you are still vulnerable and even currently being exploited. This is because Bash is so deeply embedded and so widely used in the *nix environment. I'll show you how attackers can sneak malicious commands into input that are eventually executed by Bash, many  levels down, in ways you'd never expect. Dan Teal, a very technical expert from Lumension, will help me demonstrate how to exploit this vulnerability and answer your technical questions.

Then we'll look at how to protect against Shellshock. It's partly a patch story but we'll also look at compensating controls such as input parsing/filtering and disabling/replacing Bash. I'll show you how to test systems quickly to determine if they are vulnerable to Shellshock.

But we have to look beyond the immediate vulnerabilities known today. Many more vulnerabilities with Bash's parsing are expected – one expert even saying “many many many”. So we need to think about how to strategize against Bash exploits and Linux/UNIX vulnerabilities in general. At the end of the day you need to be able to patch. Patch quickly, deeply and widely. Lumension has agreed to sponsor this webinar and I think you’ll find their Linux/UNIX patch capabilities integrated with Microsoft SCOM to be pretty interesting.

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