Top 10 Things to Secure on iOS and Android to Protect Corporate Information

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I continue to view the endpoint as the front-line in today’s infosecurity war.  And we need to include mobile devices when we think about endpoint security – not just PCs.  The threats from mobile devices are very real.  The most obvious risks of course come from lost and stolen devices containing organization data, passwords or network connections.  But the malware risks are no longer theoretical -- take Google Android.PjappsM for just one example.

In this webinar I will take a technical and pragmatic approach to MDM/BYOD security with equal time given to iOS and Android.  (Oh, sorry Windows Mobile – maybe next time :-)  I’ll start with a brief  overview of the security architecture of both operating systems.  For instance, in iOS we’ll talk about:

·         System security

·         Encryption and data protection

·         App Security

·         Device controls

Android on the other hand gets its kernel from Linux.  But Android builds on Linux security in a very specialized way to isolate applications from each other – though not as much as in iOS.  I’ll give you an overview of how Android’s Application Sandbox works as well as file system security, the permission model for apps and so on.

Then I’ll focus in on their mobile device management capabilities.  This is important because no matter what MDM solution you use, you are largely limited to the MDM framework provided by the OS.  For instance MDM capabilities Apple has built into iOS include:

·         Configuration profiles

·         Over the air enrollment

·         Ability to leverage push notification service for security tasks

·         Compliance monitoring

·         And of course remote wipe/lock

Finally, I’ll detail the top 10 things you need to be able to secure and manage on these devices in order to protect access to your organization’s network and information.  Password and remote wipe capabilities are obvious but there’s much more to the story. 

Lumension is making this real training for free webinar possible and Dee Liebenstein will briefly show you how the new MDM module in Lumension Endpoint Management and Security Suite, L.E.M.S.S. brings iOS and Android devices into the fold allowing you to secure and manage phones and tablets right alongside your PCs.  All your endpoints on a single pane of glass. 

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