Top 4 Active Directory Security Issues from 2 Years of Security Assessments

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Active Directory is the heart of security for most organizations both on-prem and in the cloud. I was recently talking to a team that’s been doing security assessments of AD for several years now and I found out they are still running into the same issues I used to encounter when running an AD audit practice – only the degree of the risk is greater than ever before. 

In this real training for free event we will dive into the top 4 risk areas found in Active Directory at organization after organization:

  1. Service accounts
    1. Old passwords
    2. Over-permissioned
    3. Inappropriate logon rights
    4. Unconstrained delegation
  2. User accounts
    1. Insecure passwords
    2. Legacy account security settings
    3. Over-permissioned
  3. Groups
    1. Empty groups
    2. Duplicate groups
    3. Privileged group nesting and inappropriate members
  4. Legacy Operating Systems

In this real training for free session I will be joined by Todd Mera, CISSP, from our sponsor Quest, who performs AD security assessments for customers all over the world. We will explore each of these areas in detail, explain why they are a risk in today’s environment, show you how to identify these risks in your AD and discuss how to mitigate them.

Quest will briefly demonstrate how Quest Change Auditor helps you mitigate AD threats and keep it sparkling clean and secure.

Please join us for this real training for free session.

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