Windows 2003 End of Life: Top 8 Reasons to Start Planning NOW

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In a matter of days Windows XP and Exchange 2003 will stop receiving security updates. From April 8th, forward, XP and Exchange 2003 will become increasing less secure and more vulnerable as new security holes are discovered and exploited.
That’s bad enough for compliance and security. But an even bigger crisis is looming on the horizon – end of security support for Windows 2003 Server. In this real training for free™ webinar we will explore:
  1. What are the key dates for Windows 2003 end of life and what do they mean?
  2. Why Windows 2003 migration becomes a security issue
  3. Key Win2003 migration issues and challenges
But we will also zero in on security issues that arise when migrating away from Windows 2003, including:
  1. All security event IDs change between Win2003 and Win2008. What does this mean for your monitoring and log management? What alternatives should you consider?
  2. Got Active Directory domain controllers running on Win2003? Chances are you have too many domains and/or forests. Do you want to live with the legacy/dirty environment you have now? Can you do some house cleaning?
  3. Hardware and OS upgrades. No more x86, /3MB switch
  4. How do you move resources like file shares?
  5. How do you move applications?
  6. What about applications like Exchange that require upgrade/replacement for Win2008?
Many organizations are scrambling to address April 8 EOL risks with days left to get something in place. This doesn’t have to happen with Windows 2003 if you start now and understand all the issues and opportunities.
Instead we will show you how to evaluate your existing environment and applications to look for areas that need attention BEFORE you migrate. What can you cut or adjust to make your environment easier to manage and more secure and compliant?
That could be establishing a new Least Privileged Access model, cutting down on groups and distribution lists or establishing new file and SharePoint servers. These are only a few ideas. You really should see this as a new opportunity to get a clean (and more secure) start on Windows Security.
Tim Sedlack, from our sponsor Dell Software, will be joining me to show how their solutions can give you the visibility and control you need to deal with Win2003 EOL and use this issue as an opportunity to improve your environment’s manageability and security.
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