Eliminating Permanent Privileged Authority: Making the Switch to Just-In-Time Access

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In this real training for free™ session I’ll look at protecting system integrity by eliminating permanent grants of privileged access - switching to a temporary privileged authority model.
The risk of privileged authority goes far beyond the threat of a malicious administrator – although recent incidents prove that’s a big risk in itself. But there’s an even bigger risk – advanced threat actors exploiting poorly defended administrative accounts. To enforce better accountability, reduce the risk of insider abuse and to protect against APTs gaining access to privileged accounts you have to eliminate permanent privileged accounts and replace them with a highly secure and choreographed process for temporarily granting privileged access on a temporary basis to just the systems and people necessary for the amount of time it takes to perform the task in question. This even extends to batch processes.
The concept of temporary privileged access is actually just another way to follow the hallowed principle of least privilege but in this case in the 4 dimensions of time. Maybe that last statement waxed a little philosophical but I’m really excited about the benefits of temporary privileged authority and in this webinar I’m going to show you how the concept works and the options you have for implementing it. Some organizations are opting for a fire-call desk that admins call into to be assigned necessary authority for handling a given ticket.
But there are other methods that use technology to eliminate the need for so much manual involvement while improving security. And that’s where our sponsor, Dell Software, comes in who will briefly introduce you to their privileged account management technology.
Please join me for this real training for free™ event.
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