2014 Security Trends: SIEM, Endpoint Security, Data Loss, Mobile Devices and the Cloud

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Thanks to you, my UWS 2014 Survey was a great success with over 600 respondents! I appreciate all of you who took the time give me your thoughts - and congratulations to Haggai Sachs who won the iPad Air.
You’ve given me some great ideas for real training for free™ in the coming year and I’ve learned which topics are most important to you. That’s going to benefit all of us.  
I’m working with Lumension’s data analyst (my partner on this survey) to identity trends and insights based on this treasure trove of information. And the results are already illuminating.
In an upcoming webinar I’m going to present our findings. We’ll talk about the community’s top goals for 2014, which topics you recommended I cover in 2014 and what our community sees as the greatest security concerns for 2014. And we’ll discuss other trends emerging from the data.
Find out about the top trends, such as:
  • SIEM – What are the top SIEM solutions? What is the UWS community’s top 3 biggest challenges with log/monitoring/security analytics?
  • Endpoint Security – How widely is application whitelisting being used and what is driving its adoption? Which endpoint security technologies really work and which are just hype?  
  • Mobile Devices – Are employee owned mobile devices supported at your organization? Is your biggest concern with mobile devices malware, data loss, compliance?
  • The Cloud – How widely are your peers embracing the cloud? Is your organization’s security policy, technology and training keeping up with the move to the cloud?
  • Advanced Security Topics  – What are your peers doing about “big data”? What about endpoints as sensors, and other new security approaches?
This will be a fact-filled and fascinating webinar on where we are and where we are going on a host of different security fronts.  Don’t miss it.
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