Top 10 Security Changes to Monitor in the Windows Security Log

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Just because you build a Windows system from a standard image with locked down security configuration, that doesn’t mean the system stays secure as time passes.  Local admins may change settings for any number of reasons and systems and organizational unit moves, group membership changes and a number of group policy related changes can cause a to system slowly creep or even suddenly drop far out of compliance with your security standard.
In this webinar I will show you how to instantly detect the top 10 security changes in Windows as soon as they happen – by monitoring the Windows Security Log.
Here’s a few of the things we’ll cover:
  • Windows Firewall changes
  • Logon rights assigned
  • Privileged account and group changes
  • Audit policy changes
  • New service installed
  • Permissions changed on critical folders
Tracking security configuration changes is critical to security in general and required for compliance with nearly all regulations – especially PCI.  I will help you pick out the changes that matter most – configuration changes that create new doorways into your system or disable important security features.  And I’ll help you ignore the noise events that just don’t have value.
This will be a highly practical, real training for free™ webinar you can put to work right now.  ManageEngine is our sponsor for this event and I’ll be using EventLog Analyzer to query and demonstrate how to understand these events.
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