Daily Security Log Check for the SMB IT Admin

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You are the only one or at best one of a handful of IT admins responsible for your entire small to medium business. Security is important to you but it can only be part of your job. You don’t have the luxury of a dedicated security analyst in a large Security Operations Center who focuses entirely on security. There’s no way you can monitor everything that you’d like to. And if you aren’t careful you’ll waste time on logs and events that aren’t important and chasing down rabbit holes that lead nowhere. I feel your pain.
In this webinar, we are going to focus on you and your SMB network and try to give you a recipe for your daily check of security activity and point out things that you definitely want to be alerted on no matter the time of day – but we’re going to keep the size of both lists under control so that you get maximum benefit from the amount of time you can spend on security monitoring.
We will identify the important security activity you should be reviewing from the components found in a typical SMB network:
  • Active Directory
  • Firewall
  • Wireless access points
  • Member servers
  • AV
  • Patch
  • In-house applications
  • Filer appliances
  • And don’t forget cloud services
The folks at EventTracker brought this idea to me and are making this real training for free™ possible. Don’t miss it! Please register now!
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