Office 365 Security: Leveraging Active Directory and Integrating with Other Clouds

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Office 365 is really cool but you need to integrate it with your on-premise Active Directory if you are going to stay in control of who has access to what, satisfy compliance and preserve all the benefits of single identity.
In this webinar, Jeff Medford, technical product manager for Office 365, will join me to explain how Office 365 is deployed, how security works and how to integrate it with your on-premise Active Directory with ADFS.  This will be a technical discussion of how all the components fit together and how they work.
But Office 365 isn’t the only cloud app users are embracing, is it?  The bad guys don’t care where they get your information – just so they can get it.  The same single identity needs apply to other cloud apps as well.  For this part of the discussion, Corey Williams, from Centrify and also very technical, will join me we’ll take it to the next level by discussing your options for integrating AD with other cloud apps like, Google apps, Office365, WebEx, Box, Concur, Netsuite, Zendesk, Zoho, and hundreds more.
We’ll also discuss how you might not even need to implement ADFS in order to achieve single identity between all your cloud services and your on-premise environment.
The technology for integrating AD with the cloud is fascinating stuff and the opportunities are critical exploit in order to prevent a cloud related security breach.  Don’t miss this real-training-for-free™ event.  Please register now!
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