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Destructive cyber attacks are on the rise and I have a deeply held belief that they will continue to rise. I’d like to say that I saw this one coming – but in truth, it hasn’t played out exactly the way I predicted – yet anyway. Back when DOS attacks were the thing, it occurred to me that a business could theoretically attack a competitor with an unattributable DOS attack. For instance, they could clog the eStore with bogus requests or tie up the competitors’ customer service lines. Well that isn’t what happened but something more dangerous did. Nowadays, if you anger the wrong nation-state or get in the way of any other entity with some cyber resources or money to buy them, you can find yourself the target of destructive cyber-attack. Or maybe you aren’t the target – but just the collateral damage – thanks to getting swept up in the proliferation of the destructive malware.

I’m aware of multiple organizations that have had entire layers of their IT infrastructure destroyed by malicious actors. If you want a great read on exactly what I’m describing, check out the Wired article on when Maersk was hit by Not Petya. It’s fascinating but it will also send a chill down your spine.

But there’s another type of enemy who threatens to destroy your cyber infrastructure and they are financially motivated. These still aren’t the business competitors I hypothesized about earlier – they are cyber ransom criminals resorting to outright destruction rather than encryption. Destruction of IT systems turns out to be far easier than encryption.

So, today it’s not just about protecting your secret information – it’s about protecting availability – not just from kinetic disasters but from the bad guys in cyberspace too. 

Now, understandably, most folks focus initially on prevention and that makes sense. But if you sink all your cyber defenses on preventive controls, you may literally go out of business before you can rebuild your infrastructure if an attacker gets past those preventive controls.

In this webinar, we will look at what we know about the growing incidence of destructive cyber-attacks, how fast they can happen, and how to prepare for that eventuality.

Quest Software is our sponsor and Brian Hymer will briefly show you the latest version of their incredible AD recovery technology that can do anything from restore a single property on a single AD object, to rebuilding your entire AD infrastructure from the bare metal up.

Please join us for this real training for free session.

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