Understanding Alternative Technologies for SMB Fail-Over Disaster Recovery for On-Prem Servers

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From personal experience I know that most disaster recovery offerings are targeted at the large enterprise and out of reach to SMBs. But our businesses still need to function if our on-prem server location suffers a disaster. Moreover, with total network destruction attacks like Netya we need to survive cyber security extortion events as well.

At UWS we’ve researched and tried several different techniques to address this issue and learned a lot that I will share in this real training for free event.

  • DIY – Perhaps like us you have 2 or more physical locations. There’s a variety of technologies for backup and replication of VMs over a WAN.   
  • Azure Site Recovery – Another option is to replicate your servers to a public cloud like Azure. I’ll introduce you to Azure Site Recovery and discuss what it takes to protect on-prem VMs or physical servers.

I’ll compare and contrast both of these options in technical detail and share the specific challenges we identified with each. The bottom-line is that in both cases you end up needing to be experts in the very challenging process of entire VM replication over the Internet and you have the burden of responsibility to make sure it works when you need it.

This is where our sponsor Unitrends comes in. Dick Csaplar will briefly show you how their unique offering comprising an on-prem appliance, private cloud and professional staff allows you to declare an emergency and within minutes have your entire SMB datacenter up and running and accessible to users by VPN. 

Please join us for this real-training-for-free session.

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