Practical Steps For Integrating and Managing Endpoint Security

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Securing endpoints is the toughest area of information security right now as they face more malware and more sophisticated attacks.  Endpoints come into contact with so many forms of content from the un-sanitized, pathogen-infected Internet - html emails, web pages, attachments, images and media files, as well as active content like ActiveX, Java, HTML5, flash and Silverlight.  And endpoints are typically loaded with software from multiple vendors, each with their own patch deployment problems. 
Protecting endpoints is more difficult since there are so many of them and since they are often disconnected for long periods of time and under the control of end-users who often have administrator level authority.  Moreover, mobile endpoints connect to a variety of insecure and potentially malicious networks at home, at hotspots and elsewhere.  Finally endpoints are exposed to physical access attacks in a way that your average server in a data center is not.
When news of the latest attack vector comes out, it’s easy to jump on the bandwagon and deploy another point product against the latest scare but you soon end up with a piece meal, shot gun approach to endpoint security that leaves a lot of gaps, fails to reflect your organization’s particular risk profile and priorities and creates an endpoint environment bogged down by many agents competing for system resources and care and feeding from IT. 
Successful, long term endpoint protection takes a coordinated, comprehensive approach that optimizes your efforts and investments of time and money.  In this webinar we will look at practical steps for comprehensive, coordinated endpoint protection in today’s environment.  I will cover issues like the need for:
  • Integration and consolidated management for core endpoint security technologies
  • Centralized patch management for multiple software vendors and platforms
  • Scalability in terms of endpoint quantity and granularity or different endpoint types and profiles
  • Integration with Active Directory to leverage organization and policy information
  • Visibility into endpoint discovery, agent status and operation
  • Wake On LAN capability to coordinate system security maintenance with power management and green initiatives
I will also discuss the range of endpoint security threats and the technologies available to deal with them.  After my presentation, Lumension will demonstrate how their integrated, endpoint management and security solution suite helps you meet these requirements.  Please join me for this timely presentation.
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