Top 10 VMWare Security Events You Should Be Monitoring

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From the audits that I perform I am concerned by the lack of auditing in virtualization infrastructures at various organizations I visit.  I’ve always preached that applications and databases are only as secure as the operating system they run on.  Now I find myself preaching that operating systems are only as secure as the virtualization infrastructure they run on. 
As you know a key aspect of security for any technology is security monitoring and high integrity audit trails but as I found in a recent bank IT audit, most shops out there are behind when it comes to security monitoring and audit logs for their V infrastructure.
In this real training for free (TM) webinar I’ll show you how to enable audit logging for both ESX and ESXi hosts as well as the vCenter servers which control them.  I’ll show you what the logs look like and the challenges in collecting, archiving, monitoring and reporting on VMWare audit events. 
In this event as practical as possible I will share a list of the most important security events you should be monitoring in order to provide accountability, compliance and control over your VMWare environment and all the systems, applications and data that rely up on it.
While VMWare does a good job of recording security events, additional tools are needed to gain visibility into and analyze VMWare audit logs and to alert you when important security events occur.  Prism Microsystems is kindly sponsoring this real training for free event and I will be using their Event Tracker SIEM solution during my demonstrations of how to analyze the VMWare audit log and what you should be monitoring. 
Invite your managers to join you for this event and we will help them appreciate the business risks in not auditing your virtualization infrastructure and what it requires to fulfill this need.
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