Windows 7 AppLocker: Understanding its Capabilities and Limitations

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Windows 7 AppLocker is a great leap forward compared to its predecessor Software Restrictions which is good because the risks of uncontrolled software on desktops and laptops have never been greater.  In this fast paced technical webinar I will show you what AppLocker can do through live demonstrations.  You will learn how to deny all executables, scripts and Windows installer files other than those that you specifically allow on a user, group or organizational unit basis.  I’ll demonstrate a new feature in AppLocker that helps you generate those specific allow rules based on the software currently installed on a “clean” PC.  You will see how to run AppLocker in audit mode to assess the impact of your new policy before actually enforcing it and I will also show you how to implement exceptions for users with special needs. 
But we’ll go much further and take an in-depth look at the limitations of AppLocker, including how this native functionality stacks up against the realities of today’s desktop/laptop environments where:
  • there are many exceptions to the rule;
  • many users have unique needs;
  • you have multiple configurations, multiple OS versions and applications;
  • and, where change is a constant. 
Depending on your environment these limitations can be significant, adding up to broken workstations and extra care and feeding.  For instance, AppLocker is designed for fairly homogenous environments but in many real world environments each PC is really unique which stretches the exception capabilities of AppLocker.  AppLocker’s limitations carry over to handling system and application updates -  endpoint change is constant and you don’t want user productivity to screech to a halt due to updating an application without updating the AppLocker policy.  Then there’s the issue of reporting and visibility into what your software restriction policies are actually doing and what impact there is to your end-users. 
These are just 3 areas that you should think about before implementing AppLocker.  In my presentation I’ll point out other caveats you should be aware of.  Then our sponsor, Lumension will demonstrate exactly how their Intelligent Whitelisting takes you beyond AppLocker and addresses the gaps and risks identified in my presentation.
Don’t miss this real-training for free (TM) session that will help you understand how to implement AppLocker and avoid its limitations and pitfalls.
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